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Voted Best Guitarist in North East Emergenza Finals !!!

From the Official Emergenza Music Festival website:

"4Deep ended the show with the most amazing guitar riffs of the show as their guitarist took the award for Best Guitarist in Philadelphia..."
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Current Projects

Presently James is playing with the band FOUR DEEP. It features Jim on guitar, Dano Dawson on bass, "Mad Dawg" Tim Springer on vocals, and the one and only Vince Costanzo on drums. Four Deep is in the studio right now recording their first CD together. The music is comercially heavy and driving.

James is also recording two instrumental CDs. One is a blend of soft and relaxing compostions using mostly acoustic instruments and the other is a down right shred fest of catchy rock/metal/fusion type songs as well as a few classical pieces meant to rip your face off.