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Artists - Genius simply put, and a very kind person as well. - What more can you say, but the man who spawned countless imitators and started a whole school of playing. - One of the best guitarists around and a REALLY nice guy. - A tribute to The Great Randy Rhoads. - A great player, person and inspiration to us all. - An unknown genius and gentle soul who left this world far too soon. An artist/guitarist who should be known by any real serious guitarist. Simply awe inspiring. RIP Shawn. - Zakk Wylde, one bad dude who is the bomb. - Rest in peace Dime. - Classical Guitar Society of Philadelphia, cool place!!!!! - A great jazz guitarist and teacher, also from Philadelphia. - another great jazz guitarist from Philly, really incredible. - Everyone in the band is amazing.

Gear - I personally have been using Ibanez Jem guitars since I was 16, they are the baddest electric guitar around. - Some of the baddest amps around.