Ideas - Transcriptions

Here's a sample of some of my transcriptions:

E-mail me,, if you want to order entire pieces. Prices range from $10-20 depending on length/difficulty of transcription. Transactions are executed through postal money order.

NOTE: Tablature is only available in .tef format. To view, play, or print music, all you have to do is download the FREE program called TefView available at If you already have tableedit, then you are ready to go. Tableedit is available through and costs a nominal fee.

I also have a new book available entitled:

Practices for the Aspiring Guitarist

This book contains information concerning Modes and the real theory behind them (that includes chordal aspect often overlooked) and how to use them. Major, minor, diminshed, whole tone, pentatonic/blues and other scale positions, major and minor arpeggios, as well as 13th chord arpeggios, methods of sweep picking, techniques on altenate picking, string skipping and complete transcriptions of Paganini's caprice # 1, 5 and 16, Dont's apreggio study in Em (see the audio section of this web site, a real arpeggio sweeping shred fest) and the John Coltrane classic "Giant Steps" (both chord/melody and the solo). There is also a chordal section going through basic bar chords, every string grouping of 6th and 7th chords, as well as how to construct 9th, 11th and 13th chords from a 7th chord or diminshed chord. This book is aimed at giving the intermediate to advanced guitarist the tools to shred; and basically RIP. It seems that the current wave of books on the guitar only give a partial view on the instrument that usually leaves the guitarist unsatisfied, and not attaining the information they wanted. This book hopefully solves that. Despite the section on chords, this book was written to improve your technique, speed and overall soloing ability. In closing this book can be used if you play Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, and even Neo Classical. It approaches the guitar as the versatile instrument it is, and the information and tools can be applied to almost any genre.


The book with all the transcriptions is $20 (plus shipping and handling).

For ordering information, please e-mail me at